Kopli Lines: a new residential environment on the seashore


The project of the development of Kopli liinid covers the area of about 20 ha and will in the long term form a wholesome living environment. It will be built in blocks in stages.

Quarter D2

The revival of Kopli Lines continues with Quarter D2. The quarter features six buildings ranging from three to five storeys in height and joined by a common underground parking garage. The materials used for the exterior finishing are primarily painted reinforced concrete panels with the texture of wooden siding, metal and glass. The “box-like cubist” shape and position of the balconies add visual lightness and playfulness. The layout of the openings contributes to the individual character and diversity of the buildings, creating a unique exterior and interior space and strengthening the identity of the Kopli Lines district being built.

The above-ground floors house residential and office spaces  while the parking, storage units, bicycle storage and utility rooms are in the underground floors.

The uniqueness of the quarter is enhanced by its location across interesting terrain and the resulting fascinating landscape solution of the yard. The varied and stimulating space is divided into a private area and semi-public are separated by front gardens. The courtyard of Quarter D2 can be used for having picnics, playing in the playgrounds or enjoy the nature without leaving the city because the yards feature natural grasslands as well as fruit trees and bushes.

The buildings were designed by Peeter Pere Arhitektid, and the courtyard solution was created by the landscape design firm Kino Maastikuarhitektid.

The first stage of Quarter D2 is to be completed in 2021.

Quarter F

The atmospheric development area of Quarter F comprises 18 three-story apartment buildings with 7 flats in each building. The quarter features three types of houses: new, reconstructed and prototype buildings. The principle that the architects of the Apex Arhitektuuribüroo firm followed was to make sure which building is of which type:

- The color scheme of the reconstructed buildings follows the general principle of the areas of cultural value and the period.
- The prototype buildings with their light monochrome color solution contrast with the reconstructed historical buildings.
- The new buildings stand out due to their modern architectural message in addition to the modern color solution.

The yard areas are bordered with wooden picket fences, and the principal concept of the yard design is based on the idea of “reaching the sea,” so the central axis of the yards is “aiming for the sea.” This “aim” is where the common space for the quarter residents is going to be: playgrounds, benches, bicycle parking lots and green areas.

The driveway in the atmospheric area will be restored in its original cobbled version, and the pedestrian walkways from the street into the courtyard are also to be cobbled. This solution is a reminder of the quarter’s historical heritage and provides a festive entrance to the courtyard.

Quarter E

Three stylistically similar five-storey residential buildings with 25 apartments in each in Quarter E were designed by the architectural firm Peeter Pere Arhitektid. The balconies protruding from the main buildings offer a view of the sea. The placement and shape of the balconies provide the façades with a peculiar rhythm. The color solution draws inspiration from the finishing of the buildings which used to be located in the historical area of the Kopli Lines. The parking solution features a common underground garage under all the three buildings.

Beach area

The 1st stage of the promenade of Kopli Lines has been completed, including several leisure areas and playgrounds. In the long-term, the promenade will become longer, and a viewing platform with a beach café operating in the summer will be constructed at the end of Sepa street.