Kopli Lines: a new residential environment on the seashore


The development of historical Kopli Lines, an area in the Põhja-Tallinn district of the city, at the end of the Kopli Peninsula, will start with seaside coastal quarters designated Quarter E and Quarter F.

Quarter E

The Peeter Pere Arhitektid architect firm has designed Quarter E to feature three five-story residential buildings similar in appearance, each of which is to have 25 apartments. The balconies protruding from the main buildings offer a view of the sea. The placement and shape of the balconies provide the façades with a peculiar rhythm. The color solution draws inspiration from the finishing of the buildings which used to be located in the historical area of the Kopli Lines. The parking solution features a common underground garage under all the three buildings.
Two playgrounds for children have been designed for the courtyard.

Quarter F

The atmospheric development area of Quarter F comprises 18 three-story apartment buildings with 7 flats in each building. The quarter features three types of houses: new, reconstructed and prototype buildings. The principle that the architects of the Apex Arhitektuuribüroo firm followed was to make sure which building is of which type:

- The color scheme of the reconstructed buildings follows the general principle of the areas of cultural value and the period.
- The prototype buildings with their light monochrome color solution contrast with the reconstructed historical buildings.
- The new buildings stand out due to their modern architectural message in addition to the modern color solution.

The yard areas are bordered with wooden picket fences, and the principal concept of the yard design is based on the idea of “reaching the sea,” so the central axis of the yards is “aiming for the sea.” This “aim” is where the common space for the quarter residents is going to be: playgrounds, benches, bicycle parking lots and green areas.

The driveway in the atmospheric area will be restored in its original cobbled version, and the pedestrian walkways from the street into the courtyard are also to be cobbled. This solution is a reminder of the quarter’s historical heritage and provides a festive entrance to the courtyard.

Beach area

The beach area located within 50 to 300 meters from the buildings is to have a beach promenade with numerous recreation, play, and sporting areas. In the long view, Sepa Street will be ending with an observation platform and a beach summer café.